About our Teachers

Dr. Shaykh Muhammad Alraee

Qur’an Academy Director

Professor Dr. Shaykh Muhammad Alraee is the grandson from his mother’s side of Sheikh Noor who is the author of the worldwide known book “Al Qawa’ed Al Nuranniyeh”.
He served as a Professor at the Washington branch of the Imam Mohammad In Saud Islamic University of Quranic and Arabic Language studies. He has also served as a professor in the College of Engineering at American universities and has obtained five Masters degrees as well as a Ph.D.
He has taught the tajweed and recitation of the Qur’an for over two decades in the USA and KSA. He has received over 50 ijaazas and has won first and second place in several Qur’an competitions in many different countries around the world.
*His chains of narration in the Qur’an* go through Sheikh Uyoon Al Sood Sheikh of the Qurraa’ from the area of Al-Shaam, Sheikh Ahmad Al Zayat Sheikh of the Qurraa’ from Egypt, Sheikh Fath Muhammad who is known as Sheikh of the Qurraa’ (the Indian Continent), as well as through other scholars from different parts of the world.

Sheikh Muhammad was the first President of the Association of Qur’an Memorization of America, and the Nooraniyah Center which focused on teaching the principles of the Nooraniyah book. He also served as the Imam of the Islamic Center of Washington. He was also the Imam of Taraweeh prayers at several Masaajid in the US including the Mission Vieio Masjid and Riverside Masjid. He served as a chief Judge and at the ISNA/ICNA/MSA/GQMA.
*Among many of his students are:*
– One of the Imams of Masjid Al Haram, Sheikh Abdullah Awad Al Juhany
– Sheikh Hamza al Habashi who won second place at the international Dubai competition for Qur’an memorization.
– Shikha Noor Al Siddiqi who won first place for 3 consecutive years at the ISNA Qur’an competition.
– Others who won international Qur’an competitions.

*Programs & Courses teached by Shaykh Alraee*:
• Al Qawai’d an-Nooraniyyah: Teacher Training 1
• Teacher Training 2: Practical Application of Knowledge – Teaching Young Children per Semester.
• Taiweed Course 1
• Tajweed Course 2
• Talented Youth Program: Hifdh
• liazah in Tuhfah
• liazah in al-Jazariyyah
• Ijazah in Hafs an-‘Asim (Shatibiyyah), Hafs an-‘Asim (Tayyibah)

Shaykha Amira Rashidy

Shaykha Amira Rashidy received her Recitation Ijaza from Mishka North American University. She has completed a 4-year curriculum for her certification as a Quran teacher at Noor Academy in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and was the Director of Quran for 7 years for Baytul Iman Academy in Keansburg, NJ. Over a 17 year career she has been teaching a variety of students in Qur’an and Tajweed.

Shaykha Fatma AbdelAziz

Shaykha Fatma AbdelAziz recently joined ISCJ Quran Academy as a Quran teacher. Fatma received both her Ijaza to teach Quran and Isnad in Qira’at ‘Asem through Hafs in 2003. She has been teaching Quran for 15 years, in Egypt and the US. She was a teacher in the advanced program and lead examiner of graduating teachers in the Society for Qur’aan Huffaadh in Al-Minia, Egypt. In the US, she taught at the Memphis Islamic Center, the Islamic Society of Milwaukee, and was a lead teacher in the Quran program at the Muslim American Society. In 2011, she won the first US Quran Competition at the MAS-ICNA Convention. She taught students of different ages and different levels. Through her classes, she works to help students recite the Quran properly and apply Tajweed rules to have fine recitations that bring the Quran closer to their hearts and to the hearts of those who listen to them.

Sajid Fahumy

Sajid Fahumy has been part of the ISCJ community for 20 years. He went to Noor-Ul-Iman School for the entirety of his K-12 education and graduated in 2016. Sajid was a student of Shaykh Mamdouh Selim while at NUI and studied briefly with Shaykh Ismael Essa upon graduating. For the past several years, he has been a student of Shaykh Ahmed Ashour, and has spent this time improving his pronunciation and tajweed. Sajid enjoys working with youth. He is a volunteer for the ISCJ LIT committee and helped establish the Ashbal middle school boys social program. He is also the assistant head coach for the NUI HS soccer team. He also has many years of experience tutoring students of all ages in a wide variety of subjects. Sajid graduated from Rutgers University in 2020 with a BA in Biomathematics and a minor in Public Health. He is currently a medical student at RowanSOM in South Jersey.